Wipeable Waterproof Mat – The Ultimate Protection

If you have a little angel at your home whose age less than 2 years, you need a good wipeable waterproof mat. Babies cannot communicate with you in case of emergency and wet the place wherever he or she sits. So, you need some wipeable waterproof mats to protect your bed or carpet in your home.

There are many types of wipeable waterproof mats available in the market. But you need to buy the mat according to your needs.

Wipeable Waterproof Mat – The Ultimate Protection
Wipeable Waterproof Mat – The Ultimate Protection

Best Available Wipeable Waterproof Mats

Vulcanized Rubber Mats – Sometimes, simple things can do what many fancy things cannot. The vulcanized rubber mat is one of such things. If you think any rubber mat can do the trick, then no, it cannot. Simple rubber sometimes absorbs moisture. So, a simple rubber mat does not have the property of waterproof. But vulcanized rubber is far superior to normal rubber. Vulcanization improves different properties like elasticity, resilience, etc. Minimal price makes it affordable for any household too.

Splat mat – If you are sensitive about fashion and also want to get rid of this problem, splat mat is going to be your best friend. Beautiful designs make this mat a kid-favorite. You can wash it easily. You can also wipe the mess by wipers. These mats are also highly durable and its anti-slip property makes it safe for the use of babies. Its high durability allows you to reuse over and over again.

Silicone Mats – Some mats are also made of silicone. Silicone is one of those materials that are used to waterproof other things. So, a mat made of silicone is just the right thing to do the trick. Silicone is very safe to use. Its toxicity level is minimum, which makes it a baby-friendly product. Silicone is also a very good heat resistant product. It is highly durable in high temperatures also. In this mat, you can easily wipe any mess with any wipers or cloths at your disposal.

PVC Mats – Products like raincoats can argue for the PVC waterproof mats. Raincoats, shower curtains are made of PVC. So, as a waterproof mat, this product is also highly valued.

Wipeable Waterproof Mat – The Ultimate Protection
Wipeable Waterproof Mat – The Ultimate Protection

Features You Need

The first and foremost property you need is to protect the surface of the bed or crib or the changing pad. This property allows hygiene not only for the baby but also for the others.

This product must be skin-friendly. Nontoxic products like vulcanized rubber, silicone, or PVC is very skin-friendly. So it is safe to use. Otherwise, the baby may suffer from redness of the skin and rashes.

One must set a keen eye on hygiene. An unhygienic material is too toxic for a baby’s skin.

These mats must be breathable to secure the comfort of the baby.

Durability is another key feature to look into. It is important to have durable products in the long run and makes it pocket-friendly.

Other than waterproof, these mats are also heat resistant and durable. This feature allows the mat not to soak the coolness of the floor. So, it protects your baby from catching a cold also.

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