What Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough Information

Babywearing: Wear Your Baby Safely & In Style

A babywearing is fantastic, and I wish I’d done it sooner. My daughter is three now and still carried, we binned the stroller a long time ago. Let me start by saying that if you’re going to babywear, you must follow basic safety guidelines. 

 There is a vast range of slings available, and not all are created equal. If anyone is considering babywearing, I strongly advise they attend a sling meet or lending library to try out as many as possible. Also, if you are short or slim, you will need a custom carrier, not something off the shelf. Check out the Pax Baby website for ideas of suitable carriers (I assume you’re in the US). 

What Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough Information
What Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough Information

Advantages Of Babywearing

 So…advantages. The most obvious is the convenience. Having a baby, or worse a toddler, in a stroller is a nightmare when it comes to getting around. With your baby in a carrier, you won’t have to avoid stairs, rough terrain, or tight spaces. You can rock up to a festival in a field, no problem. You’ll never get flustered wrangling a stroller onto buses, or find yourself juggling your baby and the full contents of the stroller in your arms while you attempt to lift a collapsed stroller onto a packed train. You will never have to apologize as you continuously get in everyone else’s way as you clothes shop or stress about finding a place to park your stroller every time you want to sit down.

 Other reasons to carry: it brings a closeness that you can’t get with a stroller, your baby will feel safe and warm, and you can nurse while taking too! It is also significantly more comfortable to carry a toddler than push one up a hill in a stroller. You will never have to try and secure a planking screaming child into a stroller, although you may have to bribe them up on your back with a biscuit or two. Babies who are carried love to sleep too! Plus, moving isn’t just for outside, you (or your other half!) can babywear while doing the housework, using the computer/sewing machine, cooking dinner (with the caution of course).

What Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough InformationWhat Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough Information
What Do You Know About Babywearing? A Thorough Information

Last Important Benefit

 Finally, it’s natural, it’s logical. The stroller/pushchair/pram is a modern invention. Your baby has just spent nine months in your womb – how likely is it that it will now want to sit in a chair on wheels 3 feet away?? It wants to be close to you. It will be happier there. Using a stroller all the time is just a cultural thing in certain countries. It certainly isn’t the norm where having a stroller would be impractical, e.g., parts of India, Africa, Indonesia, South America, etc.

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