What Baby Clothing Sizes Are Right For Your Newborn

What Baby Clothing Sizes Are Right For Your Newborn

As wonderful as it is, most newborn babies don’t come with handy baby clothing sizes to aid you in the chore of shopping for their clothes. If you’re new to the baby clothing game, perhaps you are scratching your head over what you should actually be looking for. Perhaps your newborn, at least six months old, might not even be the same size as your own six-year-old son or daughter. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

An Overview

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First of all, understand that these baby clothing sizes have to do with age, not gender. One size fits infants while a different size fits young boys and girls. Babies tend to gain and lose weight, so the one size doesn’t fit all. So if you’re buying a bodysuit for your baby, try on both of them at the same time, on the same dresses, shoes, etc.

You can find baby clothing sizes that will allow you to be able to try out a variety of outfits before buying. With newborn outfits, try the outfits with snaps, ties around the wrist or leg, short sleeves, etc. Some of these outfits can even be worn with infant boots! Or go a step further and dress your little one in a one-piece suit or bodysuit with snaps or ties, so you can try it on to make sure it fits properly.


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Baby clothing sizes for toddlers generally fit kids weighing up to forty pounds. They also generally fit kids weighing from twenty-two to thirty-three pounds. Plus, most baby clothing sizes are also designed for babies weighing up to nine months old. So if you’re buying a bodysuit for a nine-month-old, it usually fits as well as a twenty-three pound kid.

Most baby clothes sizes are actually larger versions of adult sizes, because they accommodate extra material and sometimes a few extra buttons. These extra buttons and extra fabric allow larger babies to feel more comfortable in their clothing, while allowing parents to get by with smaller sized infant clothes that have more snaps in the closures. Most baby clothing sizes can fit up to forty pounds for newborns and up to fifty pounds for full-term newborns. Of course, these sizes may vary from one store to another.

Common Sizes 

The most common baby clothing sizes are “X” through “Z” and “DD” through “JJ”. All other sizes are generally considered “medium”. There are also special sizes that are reserved for extremely small infants. Commonly used sizes for extremely small babies are “infant drops”, “toy size” and” Infinity”. Infants can generally fit into most clothing sizes once they have started growing, but a tight-fitting coat or sweater may be necessary for extremely small babies.

Buying Baby Clothes Online is Easier Than You Think 

If you’re shopping online for baby clothes sizes, you will probably be able to find better prices than if you shopped at a store. Online retailers generally have lower overhead costs, so they can pass these savings onto you. They can afford to give you better prices on bulk orders, because they don’t have the same overheads as a regular store. Also, buying baby clothes online is easy. Many websites allow you to search for available products with the push of a button.


The first thing to consider when buying clothes for small babies is whether or not the product is a quality brand. Baby clothes should be made from quality materials that are safe for your baby’s delicate skin. There are some wonderful vintage-style baby clothing lines available, but you also need to be careful about buying clothes with small amounts of lace, small zippers, and low necklines. These will be difficult for your baby to pull up into a running position. Babies can have many illnesses that can make them extremely sensitive to fabric, so stick to clothes with a low profile that allows room for baby’s skin to breathe.

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