Types Of Primary Baby Wear Every New Mom Should Own

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As a new mom, you might be very confused as to what to buy for your child. When it comes to clothes, there are so many types of clothes available that anyone can get confused. Here we have compiled a list of certain types of baby clothes every new mom should own. These clothes are easy to make your baby wear and also come off easily. Some of these are the very basic dresses that you will be requiring in plenty. Some others are to keep your baby warm and comforted.

Infant Onesies

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Infant bodysuits are like shirts. These are onesies that you can have in various sizes. Infants will need at least 4 to 5 of these per day. With spit-ups and blowouts, you can never have enough of these, but 5 is a decent number. Choose ones with nice prints and colors. But most importantly, choose ones with envelope-style necks. 

Loose T-Shirts

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These are super-cute loose T-Shirts that have side snaps or ties. These are very important clothes for a day or two old babies as they minimize contact with the baby’s sensitive umbilical cord. As you still get used to dressing up your baby in different clothes, this one is quite easy to slip on and off. These are also available in short and long-sleeved options and you must own a few of each style.

Baby Hats or Caps

These are not summer hats but an essential garment for your baby. Newborns catch a cold easily as their immunity is quite weak. These beanie hats keep their body temperatures warm. It also keeps your baby’s delicate head covered and protected when you are out at a restaurant or at the store. Buy ones that can be extended and adjusted with your quickly growing baby’s size.

Baby Socks

Infant socks may seem tiny to you but they are exceptional climate controllers. They help to keep your baby’s feet warm and protected. So whether you have a freezing temperature or you prefer staying indoors in a blasting A.C, socks are compulsory units for a new-born baby. These make-up for footwear. It is useless to invest in baby shoes until your baby is a few months old. Have a few socks in all colors to match with the bodysuits.


Get these one-pieces or bubbles for your baby too. These are garments with a top and bottom all in one. They come with snaps at the crotch for an easy diaper change. Rompers mean fewer garments for a newborn and they also look quite adorable. 

The initial days of post-partum put a mom in a lot of stress. With settling down at home, managing daily chores and looking after a new baby, things can get quite daunting. In between all this, baby clothes are the last thing you want to focus on. To help you with the perfect baby dress for a newborn, this list of types of primary baby clothes you must own to make your job easier.

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