The Ultimate Baby Changing Mat Guide

Baby Changing Mat Guide To Follow

Diapering sessions are a crucial and inevitable component of parenting. As a parent of a newborn, you will be changing diapers multiple times a day. So, you will want to make this job of diapering hassle-free. Start with getting your hands on the right baby changing mat. Choose for the right changing mat by following this guide.

Types Of Changing Mats

No doubt all changing mats are designed to offer a safe and comfortable changing area, some styles different from others in many ways.

The Ultimate Baby Changing Mat Guide
The Ultimate Baby Changing Mat Guide

Anti-reflux Changing Mat

An anti-reflux changing mat is designed to reduce flux. The mat has raised edges that prevent your baby from falling or rolling. Such a mat is also good at raising the baby’s upper body so that he or she stays comfortable during the diapering session.

Changing Mat With Raised Edges

Such a mat is rectangular in shape with a flat area to support the baby’s back along with 2-3 raised edges to prevent falling/rolling. Changing mat with raised edges is not inclined and has at least 2 raised sides. This kind of mat offers incredible safety to your baby. However, the mat styling somewhere lags behind when it comes to offering comfort to your baby’s back.

Portable Mat

Portable or travel changing mats offer ease for changing diapers outdoors. Such mats can be folded and often come with a bag for hassle-free transportation. Remember travel mats are made for outdoor purposes and shouldn’t replace a regular mat. Look for a portable mat that is easy to pack and comes with hypoallergenic construction. As these mats need frequent cleaning, make sure they are fully washable. Try to choose dark colored travel mat as they will be easy to wash.

Buying The Right Changing Mat

Once you have decided which style to pick for the mat, look for the right features. Consider the following features to buy the right mat:

1. Comfort

Babies should feel comfortable during diapering sessions so make sure you consider their comfort while shopping for changing mats. Go for a mat having firm, durable, and comfortable foam. Do not pick something with a rigid surface or extra fluffy surface. You can pick a mat with organic covering and comprising soybean enhanced foam for optimal comfort.

2. Waterproof Protection

Choose a changing mat with a waterproof covering to prevent it from soaking the liquids. This is crucial not just to keep your baby comfortable but also to avoid mold and mildew problems. Make sure to place waterproof sheets on the mat for added protection.

The Ultimate Baby Changing Mat Guide
The Ultimate Baby Changing Mat Guide

3. Safety 

Your baby’s safety is your priority so make sure to buy a mat with safety straps. Pick a mat with an adjustable belt with a buckle. Also, the mat should have raised edges to prevent your little one from falling or rolling. The mat should also have an inclined setting to keep his or her safe during the diapering session.

Follow this baby changing mat guide and you are sure to get your hands on the right mat!

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