Popular Newborn Hat Styles To Buy

Newborn Hat Buying Guide

Whether it keeps your baby’s ear protected as temperatures drop or protect him from harmful sunrays, a hat is one accessory you can’t ignore to buy. There are plenty of newborn hat styles and fabrics to choose from, making it tricky for you to pick the right one for your kiddo. In this guide, we have listed some on-trend hat styles you can consider buying. Take a look:

Brim Hat

Brim sun protection hats offer the utmost protection to your babies from harmful sunrays. They protect your child’s eyes, head, and neck while offering him or her much-needed comfort. These newborn hats come with a tie strap that prevents movement. Also, the adjustable toggle of such hats makes them wearable when the baby grows. If you don’t like this style, consider getting a visor cap for your kiddo.

Popular Newborn Hat Styles To Buy
Popular Newborn Hat Styles To Buy

Stocking Hat

Stocking hat has a beanie look at the bottom and features a long tassel at the end. This kind of newborn hat also has a comfortable rim. Well, stocking hats look great on newborns during photoshoots. You can also substitute this style with a hat that has a little knot at the top.

Beanie Hat

Designed especially for newborns, beanie hats will keep your baby’s ears and head protected and warm. These hats softly fit around the baby’s head and offer the desired protection. Beanie hats are soft as well as breathable. Choose close-knitted styles to offer your baby extra warmth during the cold season.

Animal Ear Hat

Hats with animal ears are extremely adorable. They look super cute on babies and parents also find them quite appealing. There are plenty of styles and colors available at the baby stores when it comes to picking ear hats. Pick something like a pink panda newborn hat for a baby girl. For a baby boy, you can choose something with vibrant green frog ears.

Pompom Hat

Pom-pom looks cute on babies and kids alike. Whether your baby has just arrived or is 1-2 years old, a pompom hat is sure to make him or her look cuter. Choose beanie caps with pom-poms and make an adorable fashion statement for kids. You can look for handcrafted pompom hats for your baby as they are quite charming. Choose organic fabrics for newborns as they are safe for your baby’s gentle head and ears. If you don’t want pompoms yet need something fancy, go for flower hats. These hats have adorable and colorful flower designs on them – from daisies and roses to peonies. Something that will make your little diva standout!


Popular Newborn Hat Styles To Buy
Popular Newborn Hat Styles To Buy

A bonnet cap is ideal for newborns especially when parents are getting them ready for the holiday season. Bonnets are generally made from soft and breathable cotton. You can pick bonnets from a plethora of designs and colors.

Costume Hat 

Costume hats are perfect for events like Easter, Halloween, role play events, etc. Depending on the event, you can choose from a princess hat, cowboy hat, sailor cap, pirate hat, soldier hat, animal hat, or magician hat.

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