How To Get The Perfect Fit For Your Baby Converse Shoes

baby converse shoes

It is so much fun to shop for and buy a pair of Baby Converse shoes. Children grow up playing these shoes and this is what they remember. They have fond memories of their parents wearing them when they were kids too. How do you make your child enjoy wearing these shoes? This article contains some useful pointers that can help.

Acrylic Plastic Is A Very Strong And Resilient Material

A close up of some shoes

So when making baby converse shoes, it’s important that the material is not too thin. How To: Print out the free Baby Converse Shoes pattern and cut it from the same document. The crystals can then be placed on both the heel and the foot bed. Swarovski crystals can also be purchased here.

Glue the pattern to the outside of the shoe, ensuring the free pattern overlaps slightly. Once done, use clear crystals to line the inner sole of the shoe. This is done so that the soles have a clear surface to show off. It also helps to create a nice contrast between the white color of the inner sole and the pink on the outer edge of the sole.

Use Silicone Flatback Crystals

Most modern day synthetic materials can easily absorb the oil and grime from baby converse shoes. This is why some mothers recommend silicone as an alternative. Silicone is a great insulator, which means that the baby converse will stay away from moisture. If the crystals can not be glued down using silicone, then you may need to use something such as baby brush or scotch tape.

Paint The Footprint

If the original paint is chipped off or faded, then this can be replaced with a new paint job. You can choose to have pink piggies baby converse with a plain white background or you can go with a glittery white background. If the paint job is not long lasting, then you may need to reapply it every couple of months to keep the pink piggy baby converse sole looking fresh and new.

Make A Thin Line Using only your finger, gently press on the back of your hand towards the inside of the shoe sole. This should give you a smooth crease. Use the same technique to press in the front and sides of the footprint. To give the finishing touches to the shoe soles, use your index finger and thumb. With a little bit of pressure, you should be able to crease the back of the piggies along the same crease. Then use the baby piggies with the same technique to crease the front and back of the piggies along the same crease.

Apply More Glue To The Shoes

With A Lighter Touch If the paint is chipped or faded, but the footprint still looks good, you can work around this problem by applying more glue to the shoe soles. Then you should use the same technique for the second row of crystals. Make sure that you place the first row of crystals over the adhesive that you are using. This will help to cover up any of the flaws in the first row.

Final Words

Flat Back Baby Converse Shoes If your baby has flat feet, then you should know that there are some soles that are designed to be wider in order to help babies reach the ground. The Baby Converse Company has made a wide range of shoes that have been specifically manufactured for flatheads. The best ones are the Converse SS12SS, in particular. These shoes have a narrow heel and a very wide base. When fitted with the correct soles, they can make a huge difference to the comfort and ease of your baby when he is running around.

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