Here Are Some Adidas Baby Shoes You Should Wear This Season - Here Are Some Adidas Baby Shoes You Should Wear This Season -

Here Are Some Adidas Baby Shoes You Should Wear This Season

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Once your baby starts walking, it’s a huge milestone for everybody in the family. But, if your baby is making the first exciting, wobbly steps, don’t immediately start looking for shoes. It is more beneficial to let them walk barefoot whenever possible to develop arches and strengthen the ankles. With that being cleared, here’s a guide to buying the right kind of Adidas baby shoes for outdoor wear. Here is a comprehensive guide to buying the right Adidas baby shoes for your growing toddler.

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Shoes For Your Baby

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Here are some key pointers to remember you need to check off before heading out to buy shoes for your baby.

Comfort. This factor is very important while considering to buy shoes for your baby. The baby shoes should fit properly with no signs of discomfort like tripping or limping. Adidas baby shoes provide soft soles to avoid slipping and make your baby comfortable while walking.

The right fit. Your baby won’t be able to tell if the shoe is the right fit for them or not. So, you have to check it yourself carefully. See if the shoes are pinching or are too loose at the heal.

Material. Baby feet sweat a lot. You need to look out for breathable materials like leather or canvas not to get uncomfortable wearing shoes. Remember to go for lightweight shoes that can replicate a barefoot experience as you don’t want them to end up dragging their shoes.

Pricing. Babies feet grow rapidly in a few months. You need to look out for signs when the shoes start getting tight for your baby and changing them every few months. Since you have to change them now and then, please do not go for highly expensive ones for the sake of their appearance. Although Adidas baby shoes are a little bit pricier side of shoes, you can also find some cheap pairs at their online store.

Shoe sizes. Here’s a shoe size table you can consider before choosing which shoe to buy:

0-3 months: Size 1

3-6 months: Size 2

6-9 months: Size 2.5, 3

9-12 months: Size 3.5, 4

12-18 months: Size 4.5, 5

18-24 months: Size 5.5, 6

No corrective features. Your baby doesn’t need any shoes offering corrective features like ankle supporters or arch development quality. These attributes are developed naturally, and hampering with the natural process can have different results.

Some Troublesome Signs To Look Out For – Adidas Baby Shoes

It is important to watch out for some warning signs your kid may have no idea about. Check regularly for any redness or rashes on your baby’s feet. Pay attention to any kind of toe deformity appearing out of a sudden.

The posture of your child’s foot is also very important. See that your child’s feet are not looking excessively turned in or turned out. Also, remember to watch out for any kind of inflammation or discoloration of toenails.


Buying the first walking shoes for your baby can be exciting. Among all the excitement, do not forget the main purpose of buying Adidas baby shoes or any other brand’s shoes. Never forget to look out for signs of discomfort and, most importantly, have fun watching your little one growing up.

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