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Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat

Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat

Babies are absolutely adorable. Hats on Babies is an old traditional thing. People love to spend time with babies if there are any near them. The parents feel very happy when they have babies after marriage. The babies are the future generation; it is through them that the world goes on and on. We have seen many photos of babies around with a hat on their head.

What does a baby having a hat on head mean? Is it necessary to put a hat on the babies’ heads? Are there any consequences to it? In this article, we will be discussing the hats on babies’ heads.

Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat
Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat

Why Do We Put Hats On Babies’ Heads After They Are Born?

When a child is born, the body of it is not very ready to face the harsh climate and the pollutants of this world. Since the bodies of the babies are very delicate, and they have come from a secured and moist environment, we try to cover them up as much as possible.

To keep them protected, especially the head from the unfamiliar environment, we cover their heads with caps or hats. It is a practice that has been followed for a long time. The bodies of babies are fragile. This provides a protected environment to the baby and keeps it protected from any unwanted things.

Is It Necessary To Cover The Heads Of Babies’ With Hats?

Well, this practice has recently been in debate. Many people and doctors say that this is not at all necessary. While there is a section which still believes in following the tradition. There have been many researches on this topic, and people are trying to find out the reasons in support of not putting hats on the newborn’s heads.

Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat
Hats On Babies: Reasons To Ditch The Hat

Reasons To Ditch The Hats

The hat masks the important oxytocin triggering the babies’ smell

Firstly, when a child is born, there is a smell to it. Yes, a baby comes is born with a certain smell. This smell is an indication of the health of newborn babies. The doctors and the nurses can tell if the baby is alright or not. Even the mother of the newborn gets acquainted with the smell of its baby.

According to research, this smell helps the mother to bond with their newborn, and so is very important to the baby. So, it is very important to let the baby be with the mother and create skin contact with her. And by covering the head of the baby, we are not allowing this important contact to take place properly. So, we must let the baby be as it is and not try to impose any artificial thing on it.

The Baby Does Not Need It

Secondly, there is a misconception regarding the body temperature of the newborn. The hats were put to maintain a stable temperature of the baby. But, it has been found out that this practice is not at all necessary. The mother’s body temperature alone is sufficient to keep the baby’s temperature stable and constant.

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