Best Eco Collection of Poloocks and Baby Boots -

Best Eco Collection of Poloocks and Baby Boots

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These shoes are also called Pizzo or Pugliese, they were introduced in 1992. They are designed to offer comfort, style and health. Since they were introduced two decades ago, many people have already fallen in love with them. The Italian leather used for the manufacture of Pololo baby footwear are naturally supple.

This means that the animal skin and hair do not come off when you wear these boots. With all this, we cannot but conclude that these organic baby shoes will not only protect your baby, but they will also help him to keep his feet clean and healthy.

The Bobux Shoes

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Are you familiar with the Bobux shoes? These polo or lace-up boots also belong to the polo boot category. Manufactured by Pololo, these are among the most comfortable and stylish boots available in the market. The Bobux shoes have a built-in steel shank. This helps to keep the feet warm even during the cold winter days.

The organic baby shoes are available in a wide range of styles and designs. The Pizzo and the Bobux boots are among the most popular ones. These are the types of footwear that are often worn by babies, toddlers and preteens. These are specially designed to meet the needs and preferences of the baby when he is starting out in his first few steps. Since the baby starts out walking very slowly at first, he needs to wear shoes that will help him to keep balance. If he is not provided with some kind of balance, he may get injured.

The Pololo Oekotes

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Apart from the above-mentioned boots, the Pololo Oekotest is another type of baby shoe that can be used to protect the baby’s feet during chilly nights. The Oekotest are made from natural materials like sheepskin and suede, which provide warmth and comfort to the baby. Made from the finest material, the Pololo Oekotest baby shoes are among the best ones in the market today.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Pololo Oekotest also comes with a matching sock. This is one of the best features of these baby shoes. Apart from the boots, these are among the first things that a parent has to buy for their child. They are great for infants, toddlers and preteens. The organic baby shoes and the Pololo Oekotest are available both in traditional and modern designs.

The Toddler Baby Shoes

There have been instances where the baby’s feet were scorched due to chemicals used in conventional baby shoes. These chemicals can be found in the soles as well as in the straps of the shoes. In some cases, the toddler baby shoes were also found to contain traces of hazardous materials. The main components of these conventional baby shoes include vinyl, PVC and other man made synthetic materials. These harmful substances can be found in the heel area, the insides of the shoes and in the frame of the shoes as well.

In comparison to these conventional baby shoes, the organic baby shoes are made from pure organic materials. Apart from being biodegradable, they are also free from dangerous toxins and chemicals. They are also free from fragrances, dyes, lanolin, and polyethylene. If you want your child to wear shoes that offer maximum comfort as well as maximum protection, then go ahead and purchase these classic style bollocks.

Bobux Baby Shoes And Baby Boots

Bobox is renowned for manufacturing baby shoes and baby boots with fashionable designs. Their stylish designs and soft lining have made these baby leather shoes a popular choice amongst the parents. Most of the parents who had their babies wear Bobox toddler boots or baby shoes had great experience with the company. Most of these baby shoes were designed using the highest quality material available. In fact, it was not long before these boots were included in the list of leading brands that are required in hospitals and nurseries.

If you want to purchase the best baby shoes and baby boots for your toddler, then you should definitely consider buying them from Ethical Child Designs and its subsidiary companies such as Baby Step Baby and Bobox. Both of these Ethical Child Designs shoe companies produce their own line of bollocks and baby booties using genuine natural rawhide leather. These natural oekotest baby leather shoes and baby boots are stain resistant and extremely durable. Besides being waterproof and easy to clean, they also have a soft, comfortable sole that makes these baby leather shoes and boots very comfortable to wear.


Racha Coated Leather: Racha Coated Leather is one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly and eco-fashion footwear. Its website offers several collections of baby leather shoes and boots. The collection includes boots and oekotest pairs in which all of them are handmade with pure oekotest leather. These baby leather shoes and boots are both soft and comfortable with rubber soles that ensure the safety of the baby. This eco collection by Racha Company is specially designed in such a way that it can be worn as casual shoes and for formal occasions as well.

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