Baby Boy Shoes – Choosing The Perfect Ones

A baby does not need shoes immediately after his birth. But when your boy starts to walk with his wobbly movements, you know that it is time to turn the next page. Your baby boy will now explore different parts of your house and after some months, your locality. So, it is high time to choose the perfect baby boy shoes that fit your baby perfectly.

Choosing the perfect shoes has the utmost importance. You may find many difficulties, and your boy will face many barriers if you do not buy the perfect ones for your boys.

Baby Boy Shoes – Choosing The Perfect Ones
Baby Boy Shoes – Choosing The Perfect Ones

Choosing The Perfect Ones

There are some important points you must remember when you start to choose the right shoes for your baby.

The most important feature your boy’s shoes must-have is the flexible nonslip soles. Your baby will be adjusting the sudden change from barefoot to shoes. They cannot state the difference between these. So, they tend to move his feet as he is barefoot. Nonslip soles also help your baby to adjust while walking with wobbly feet. It can also serve as the baby’s walking tool. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends these flexible nonslip soles, especially with rubber, to help your baby boy in the initial phase of walking.

Padding also secures your baby’s foot to reduce different types of force, which is generated with impact. Babies need padded shoes to gain foot muscle strength. Those wobbly feet need a padded-sole shoe initially. After the feet are steady you can opt for a firm-sole shoe for him.

When your baby grows a bit, you need shoes with some extra secure closures. When they start to explore your locality, their explorations can be hindered by stone or nails. To avoid such accidents, you need to opt for shoes with Velcro or tapes or with other security measures.

Baby Boy Shoes – Choosing The Perfect Ones
Baby Boy Shoes – Choosing The Perfect Ones

Shoe Sizes

Many parents think of buying shoes well advanced. Many parents also choose tight fit shoes for their baby boy. Both of these measures can be fatal. Problems like redness, nail deformities, toe deformity can be caused by this mishap. So, you need to buy the right size of shoes. You cannot afford a tight fit or a loose fit.

Baby’s feet grow rapidly for the first 12 months. For babies of 0-3 months, size 1; for 3-6 months, size 2; 6-9 months, size 2.5 – 3; and for 9-12 months, size 3.5 – 4 is the average size shoes.

When your baby crosses the one year mark, your baby’s feet growth slows down a little bit. For a baby of 12-18 months, size 4.5 – 5 and for a baby of 18-24 months, size 5.5 – 6 is the best fit.

Types Of Shoes For Your Baby Boy

Slip-on pre-walking shoes like high top and sneakers are the best companion for the baby’s initial days. Boots like a lumberjack, cowboy, and lace-up cold weather boots are useful for cold days and also for style statements. Moccasins or soft leather shoes are also good alternative footwear with the sole. But walking sneakers secured with laces, Velcro, or snaps are probably the most important shoes for your baby boy.

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