Baby Blue Dresses for Comfortable Summer Fashion -

Baby Blue Dresses for Comfortable Summer Fashion

baby blue dresses

This year, there are many cool and elegant colors to choose from as you look for the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories. However, when it comes to the shoes, there are a plethora of choices to make, but only one color that really stands out and is often the choice for both the bride and her attendants. That one color is navy. In past articles, we covered a wide variety of bridal parties, veils, shoes, and dress combinations, including what color shoes to wear with a light blue gown.

But today, we will focus on what color suits best with a medium blue, powder blue, or sky blue gown. As you may know, these colors compliment each other very well, so your options for color choices are truly limitless. Another wonderful thing about choosing this color is that it works equally well for short and long sleeves. The blue is so beautiful that you can wear it with either length and it will look gorgeous. Here is a color choice for baby blue dresses that you will love to shop for.

Baby Blue Dresses

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Short Sleeves Royal Blue – One of the most popular color choices for wedding dresses, short sleeves dresses are a very popular option. They do not have to be long-sleeved; in fact, they can be short-sleeved all the way through! You can find so many different variations of this style. For example, you can choose from a ruffled short sleeve, a cowl neck, a scooped neck, or even a plain, no sleeves option. A very classic type of short sleeve is the lacy royal blue version that hugs the body and is full at the top.

Long Sleeves Blue Bridesmaid Dresses – This is a very popular choice for elegant and sophisticated short-length wedding dresses. The short length of the skirt is perfect for any number of styles. From the ultra-feminine ruffled short sleeves to the ultra-girly straight skirt, the options are endless. Baby blue cocktail dresses are also very popular for weddings held in the summer months because the cool breezes make them romantic and flattering to many different body types.

Sandals Royal Blue Dress – Nothing says autumn like an elegant strapless sandal or ballerina flats for a dress! These long sleeve blue dresses have been a long-standing favorite with brides everywhere. This timeless style is incredibly comfortable and flattering to the figure, whether it has a curvy shape or a straight, slender waistline. When paired with beautiful, handmade pearls, a long sleeve blue dress is a true masterpiece.

A Much Ado

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Navy Blue Ballerina flats – Complete the sophisticated, yet sophisticated look you are going for with these sexy, stylish flats. Pair a beautiful satin white or silver long-sleeved baby blue gown with one of these coordinating silver flats. Wear it with skinny jeans or a sleek sheath dress for a super casual look, or dress up with a beautiful pair of silver pumps for a night out on the town. Silver is such a versatile color that you can even wear it with gold to add a touch of sparkle or mystery to your ensemble.

Baby Blue Shoe Sandals – These comfortable, casual sandals are a must-have for any summertime bridal ensemble. Choose between soft soles made of suede for the feel of sand on the feet, or metallic toe straps for a bold, fun look. For a subtle, summertime feel, try a soft pastel baby blue clutch and match it with a classic white cotton t-shirt. For a more summery, funky feel, pair a neutral, sky blue shoe with a brightly-colored bikini top or breezy tank. No matter your style, you are sure to find a wide selection of stylish baby blue shoes for your next maternity wardrobe.

Bottom Line

Funky Lace-up Dresses – Maternity dresses in this hue are fun, flirty, and feminine. From cute, lace-up tea-length dresses to beautiful beaded, shawl-style dresses, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. Choose between a bright blue cocktail dress and a lovely beige dress for a breezy day look, or a sky blue dress and elegant silver jewelry for a sophisticated evening look. Both dresses will make you look beautiful.

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