Amazing Tips You Need When Planning A Baby Shower

If a loved one or a dear friend of yours is having a baby, it would be totally great if you throw her a baby shower. Planning a baby shower is not easy at all, you have to be in control of everything. It is your responsibility to make sure that every guest, particularly the mom-to-be, is enjoying the baby shower.

Baby showers are events are considered to be full of fun so you would want to make sure it stays that way. Planning a baby shower can be quite overwhelming but if you know what you are doing, then it would not be as bad. You just need to coordinate with the future mom and figure out what she envisions. If you want to know more about it, here are some amazing tips you will need.

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Amazing Tips You Need When Planning A Baby Shower

Timing Is Everything

A baby shower is usually held two to three months before the baby is due. You would not want to hold it way too early or too close to the due date. Of course, the actual date of the baby shower would also depend on what the expectant mom wants.

There are some women who actually prefer to have a baby shower after the baby has been born. Timing is surely everything so always try to coordinate with the mom-to-be during these times. There are also some who do not even want to have a baby shower so make sure that the communication is clear.

Ideal Guest List

One of the most important things you need to focus on for this event is the guests. You would want to make the future mom list down who she thinks she wants to be invited. Some women prefer it to be just about the future mom, and there are also some who invite men and kids as well.

It is important to figure out who to invite since you would not want to forget specific people. The mom-to-be would also appreciate if you do not invite people that are not on the guest list. The last thing you want is upsetting a pregnant woman during her own baby shower.

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Amazing Tips You Need When Planning A Baby Shower

Opening Gifts: Yes Or No?

In some baby showers, the mom-to-be opens up her presents since it has been a part of the tradition in baby showers. However, there are some who prefer to be clear when and if opening gifts in public is not part of the party. This is because some future moms do not want to make it seem like a competition on who got her a better gift. It could also point out who did not get her any gifts. That is why you should ask the future mom whether she would want to do it or not.

Make It Personal

Last but not least, you must make this baby shower incredibly personal for the future mom and dad. You can always showcase some of their baby pictures as well as some of the ultrasounds they got. This would make them feel that this baby shower is truly made and dedicated to them.

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