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A Few Easy Tips For Making Your Own Crochet Baby Shoes

Baby’s first set of shoes are usually a couple of sizes too huge for him, so eventually, he ends up asking both mommy and daddy to help him fit his footwear. Once baby can hold his own, then he’s on his way to learning to walk, and all that baby sees in front of his closet whenever he looks at it is a beautiful pair of crochet baby shoes. The cute baby Crocs look adorable with babies, but you can even get them in many different styles for your growing child. They are so cute and functional that they will be a staple piece of your baby’s wardrobe.


All you need to find crochet baby shoes is a pattern. You’ll find these adorable pieces of clothing on the internet or in magazines. You can search for “crochet” or “pattern.” There is so much information on the internet you won’t have any problems finding a cute pair.

Once you find one, you need to know how to make a pair of these adorable crochet shoes. They are very simple, just like baby shoes. For this reason, many people will start their baby shoes collection with only a few patterns. The more patterns you have to choose from, the better! The following is what you will need to make your first pair of crochet baby shoes: a pair of comfortable socks or sandals, a set of measuring tape, yarn, a crochet hook, and a hook to hold the yarn together.

Making Booties Or Regular Baby Shoes

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Before you begin your project, you should decide if you will make booties or just regular baby shoes. Booties are cute for baby boys, while girls will look cute in regular baby shoes. This is really up to you and how your child will look in them. If you are making a few at a time, it would be best to purchase a few different patterns so that you can try them all out before you make your first pair.

Choosing A Pattern

The next thing to do is to choose a pattern. As long as you find one you are comfortable with, it shouldn’t be hard to get into. A lot of patterns will let you customize them to choose between different colors and styles. A popular crochet baby shoe choice is just a basic round, square, or rectangular shape pattern.

Right Type Of Yarn

Next, you will need to find the right type of yarn. There are a few different types that you can choose from, depending on what style you are looking for. The worsted weight is the softest and easiest to work with, but bulky and super bulky types of yarns are great for making sweaters and hats. When making a pair of these shoes, you should stick to a lightweight yarn so that they will stay in one place once you start crocheting them. You can always switch between the two different yarns if you don’t like having them in only one pair. You should also consider that the heavier the yarn, the less expensive it will be, but you have to be careful because the cheaper ones can sometimes fall apart and get damaged very easily.

Now, once you have made your initial pair of Crochet baby shoes, you will want to make another pair that will look awesome with them. You will want to find a pattern that you like, which will look awesome on your baby. It is best to choose a pattern that will work on an adult scale, too, so that they will look awesome on someone taller than your toddler. If you make a pattern larger than your toddler, it will look weird, especially if you make them with smaller yarn. Stick to something that will fit your toddler’s foot, and you’ll be sure to make a pair that they will love for years to come.

Final Words

Crochet pattern baby shoes can be either difficult or easy. Once you find a cute pattern, start with that first and then add more later. There are so many great cute patterns out there, and you should have no trouble finding one that will look great on your little girl. This will allow you to get a pair that will last you for a while, and you will love the way they look while they are being worn.

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