6 Brilliant Tips For Diapering A Baby

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As a new mother, you will be spending a lot of time changing your newborn’s diapers. Although you may feel at times that the diaper session is an ugly business, you don’t have to. To make your session mess-free and fast, we have brought some great tips. These tips for diapering a baby will truly change the way you feel about those stressful diaper changes:

Keep Everything Handy

Keep all the diaper essentials handy and be prepared before engaging in a diapering session. Imagine a scenario where you have to open your baby’s cabinet to grab an ointment in the middle of the session while leaving your baby unattended. Well, that can be frustrating for you as well as your baby. So, keep have everything with you before you actually start to change your little one’s diaper.

6 Brilliant Tips For Diapering A Baby
6 Brilliant Tips For Diapering A Baby

Pick A Good Location

Location can’t be missed from the list of tips for diapering baby. Pick a good location and make a habit of changing the diapers at that location every time. If you have a changing table, it’s good. However, if you change the diapers on the floor, change at the same spot every time. This is crucial to prevent germs from spreading all over the house. The best is to invest in a portable diapering station that will make your diapering sessions most comfortable and safe. 

Consider Distracting The Baby

If your baby is difficult to handle during diapering sessions, make sure to distract him or her. For this, you can give your little one some toys to play. You can also play music your kid can listen to and enjoy while getting his/her diaper changed. Once you are done with the session, disinfect the toys and also your kid’s hands.

Choose A Changing Table With Rails

If you are not changing the diapers on the floor, pick a changing table that has side rails. This is crucial for the safety of your little one. Try to keep one of your hands on him or her at all times. Make sure not to leave your kiddo unattended whenever you are using a changing table. Babies move around a lot so keep all those lotions, ointments, sharp objects, etc. out of their reach.

Wipe Wisely

6 Brilliant Tips For Diapering A Baby
6 Brilliant Tips For Diapering A Baby

If you are wiping a baby girl, make sure to wipe the front and then the back. This is necessary to prevent germs from the back getting into her urinary tract. Also, clean the area between the thighs gently. When wiping your baby boy, clean the area from front to back and never pull his foreskin back whenever you clean his penis. Further, ensure that his penis is pointing down before you try to secure the diaper.

Handle Diaper Rash Rightly

Don’t use soap on your baby’s private parts to avoid diaper rashes or other infections. Change the diapers immediately when wet/soiled. If your baby has rashes, keep the area open for some time and that too 3-4 times a day. Clean the area and apply a good diaper rash on it. Also, try using cloth diapers. Never use airtight plastic pants if your little one has rashes.

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