4 Advantages to Wear Your Baby While Wearing Your Car

Do you still wear your baby in your arms? Do you have a baby carrier on your back? Babywearing is the practice of taking your baby with you through a special carrying device that you attach either to your own body or to a shoulder strap that you wear on your back. But this technique is not new; it’s long been used by nomadic folks to continue their children close to them while they travel and free their arms from holding them. So if you haven’t yet tried babywearing, here are six good reasons why you ought to do so:

First Reason

A small child is eating a banana

A. You might want to keep your baby wearing a carrier that has an attached weather cover on it during all seasons, or at least during the worst weather conditions. When you are walking in the sun or rain with your baby, the child can easily get dehydrated, which is not something you want to happen!

Second Reason

A person holding a baby

B. Babywearing allows you to keep your baby close to you wherever you go. Most baby carriers can be easily folded up and stowed away once they are used. If you were constantly taking your Beco toddler around with you everywhere, this is definitely a plus. There is nothing worse than having a pram or a carrier that can’t be folded up and kept by you when you need it most.

Third Reason

C. You will save yourself a lot of time, effort, and comfort by using babywearing. Traditional carriers take you off-road almost all the time, and you will get so tired just carrying a baby around (and having to put him/her on a plane before you even arrive at the airport) that you will probably want to just wear something else. This is especially true if you have a young infant or toddler who needs you a lot. With babywearing, you are always ready to go, even if you only need to get to the mall for an afternoon, because you already have your baby with you.

Forth Reason

D. There are so many wonderful baby carriers out there that are available today. You can choose from a basic strap style, to a fashionable backpack, to a shoulder bag style. With so many options, you can wear virtually any type of diaper or carrier that you would like to!

Fifth Reason

E. Your baby will be less likely to leak if you wear your babywearing more comfortably. Because it is so comfortable, it will be much easier for you to clean up spills, whether it is yours or your child’s. There are certain fabrics and designs that are more easily cleaned, and these tend to be more expensive as well. Wearing a less expensive item will make it easier to clean up spills when they occur, which will keep your babywearing and your budget within easy reach. When you are wearing your baby, it is much easier to identify and clean up small accidents and mistakes that you make, as opposed to trying to find some hidden liquid spill on your carrier.

Final Reason

F. You will have less worries when it comes to carrying your baby, as he or she will be less likely to become a weight problem for you. When you are wearing a baby carrier, you may need to carry a heavy object in order to carry around your child. However, when you are wearing something a bit more lightweight, like an infant-sized sling or backpack, you will be less likely to have the arms or back pain that may develop if you carry a heavier object while wearing your baby. If you need to carry a heavy object, you may need to change carriers, or you may need to add extra padding inside the carrying straps of the babywearing carrier to allow you to carry your child without as much added strain.

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